Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weaver Cup Events for 2015 Announced

From the CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling website: 
Dates of shows that feature matches in the 2015 Weaver Cup.

Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium
1001 Springwood Ave., Gibsonville, NC 27249

Saturday July 25 – 7:30 PM
CWF Mid-Atlantic presents “No Excuses 2015″
The Weaver Cup tournament rolls on!

Saturday August 8 – 7:30 PM
CWF Mid-Atlantic presents “Road to the Final Four”
Who will advance to Finals Night?!

Saturday August 22 – 7:30 PM
CWF Mid-Atlantic presents “Weaver Cup Finals Night 2015″
The summer-long culminates with 1 winner standing tall at the end!

The Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium is located just off Hwy 70 and easily accessible from I-40 exits 138 or 140, located on Springwood Ave. in between the Carolina Cheer Center and New Testament Baptist Church just BEFORE you reach the Cross Fit Training Valley.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weaver and the Brute, December 1973

Roanoke Rapids, NC - December 6, 1973
Johnny Weaver and Bob Bruggers vs. Brute Bernard and Jay York

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Johnny battles Bruno Sammartino (1961)

Click Image for a Larger Look at the Clipping
What an interesting match-up (and a great card) from Indiana in 1961. Clipping courtesy of the research of Carroll Hall.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Weaver Cup Hall of Champions

As we conclude our look at this year's Johnny Weaver Cup tournament (see all the various posts below), we thought we'd share this collage of photos of all Weaver Cup champs from 2004-2014.

A look at each year's tournament can be found on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway's special section on CWF Wrestling's annual Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament. 

Official Photo of Weaver 2014 Cup Champ

Thanks to Randy Hedrick at CWF Mid-Atlantic for sending us the official photo of 2014 Johnny Weaver Cup tournament winner Brad Attitude. Brad is holding the prestigious Weaver Cup trophy.

For more on the history of the Weaver Cup, visit our special history section on the Mid-Atlantic Gateway at

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Monday, September 8, 2014

2014 Weaver Cup Report

by Randy Hedrick,

"The Army of One" Marcellus King kicked off the night's action facing Brad Attitude w/Amy Love in semifinal action of the 2014 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament. Despite appearing nicked up by King, Attitude took advantage of an opening, advancing to the main event Final later in the night by pinfall.

The very first Weaver Cup Champion "Dangerous E" Corey Edsel and his entourage entered and went to war with Arik Royal in semifinal action of the 2014 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament. With a numbers advantage, Edsel advances to the main event by pinfall.

"Dangerous E" Corey Edsel w/Rage & the Machine's Mecha Mercenary & Michael "the Fury" McAllister hit the ring for the Weaver Cup main event to find Brad Attitude and Amy Love didn't come alone, but had "the 1st" Ric Converse join them at ringside to help offset the Dangerous Elliance's numbers advantage outside of the ring. Eventually everyone became involved on the floor at ringside allowing Attitude to defeat the first-ever Weaver Cup Champion by pinfall to win the 2014 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament.

Randy Hedrick's Indy Insiders website is located at
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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Broadcaster Bill Mercer makes appearance at Weaver Cup

Legendary "World Class Championship Wrestling" broadcaster Bill Mercer
at the 2014 Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament
Add legendary World Class Wrestling broadcaster Bill Mercer to the list of great wrestling legends who have made appearances at various Johnny Weaver Cup tournament finals. Mercer made a special appearance at the 2014 finals on August 23rd at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC.

Mercer was the longtime voice of "World Class Championship Wrestling" that aired out of Dallas, Texas in the 1970s and 1980s. The tape of that show aired in markets all over the United States and in several foreign countries back in the day.

Mercer joins a long list of wrestling greats who have appeared at the tournament including Sandy Scott, Boris Zhukov (aka Jim Nelson), "World Wide Wrestling" broadcaster Rich Landrum, Don Kernodle, Rocky Kernodle, and of course the man himself Johnny Weaver.

Thanks to Randy Hedrick at for providing the photo.

10 Years Burnin' Down The Road

The Johnny Weaver Cup Trophy

A Randy Hedrick shot of the Johnny Weaver Cup trophy from back in 2004, the inaugural year of the tournament. Seemed appropriate to post on the 10th anniversary of the tournament.

Photo by Dick Bourne, Mid-Atlantic Gateway
Johnny Weaver was present to present the trophy at several of the early tournament finals before his death in 2008.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Brad Attitude Wins 10th Anniversary Weaver Cup

2014 Weaver Cup winner Brad Attitude (Randy Hedrick Photo)

Brad Attitude fought his way through months of tournament matches to capture the 2014 Johnny Weaver Cup trophy in Gibsonville, NC. it was the 11th edition of the tournament, its 10th Anniversary.

Brad is seen addressing the crowd at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium, the Weaver Cup trophy just behind him in the ring. Also see in the photo is Mitch Conner, a former Cup winner.

Congratulations to Brad and to everyone at CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling for their 11th year of the Weaver Cup and for helping keeping the memories of Johnny Weaver alive for a current generation of wrestling fans.

More details and photos to be posted in the future. Thanks to Randy Hedrick at CWF Mid-Atlantic for the photo.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Weaver Cup Finals (and Bill Mercer) Aug. 23rd!

The final four for the 11th annual Johnny Weaver Cup tournament have been decided. They are (from info on the CWF website):

(1) 2004 Weaver Cup Champion “DANGEROUS E” COREY EDSEL
(2) 2011 AND 2012 Weaver Cup Tournament Champion ARIK ROYAL
(4) 2008 Weaver Cup Tournament Finalist “THE ARMY OF ONE” MARCELLUS KING
Semi-Final Round Matches THIS Saturday night will pit ATTITUDE VS. KING and EDSEL VS. ROYAL with the winners moving on to the finals later in the night. Who will leave with their name engraved on the Weaver Cup trophy and a guaranteed shot at the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship?

The website is announcing that legendary World Class Wrestling broadcaster Bill Mercer will be at the event this Saturday as well.