Friday, September 14, 2007

Weaver Wins the NWA TV Title

The photo I posted earlier of Johnny Weaver with the NWA TV title prodded me to follow-up with this posting of the newspaper result form the 3/5/78 card in Charlotte. Johnny defeated Baron Von Raschke for the NWA TV title that night in the Charlotte Coliseum. He became only the 2nd NWA TV champion.

Baron Von Raschke had held the Mid-Atlantic TV title since 6/15/78, when he defeated Ricky Steamboat for the belt in the WRAL television studios. Baron then won a (ficticious) tournament comprised of all regional TV champs, the winner to be crowned the new NWA TV champion and presented with the new NWA TV title belt. -D. Bourne

Clipping from the collection of Mark Eastridge.