Friday, August 31, 2007

Andersons Meet Becker, Weaver

Richmond, VA, Nov. 1, 1968

Three weeks ago the six-man tag team battle between the three Anderson Brothers and the team of George Becker, Johnny Weaver and Sailor Art Thomas drew a record throng to the State Fairgrounds professional wrestling arena.

Two of the Andersons will return Friday night to battle Becker and Weaver in a fence match to finish with no disqualifications. A six-foot chain link fence will be erected around the ring by the Atlas Fence Co. of Richmond.

Gene and Ole will represent the Anderson family as Lars is recovering from a knee injury suffered on a TV show.

Other bouts: Haystacks Muldoon vs. Tinker Todd; Mr. Wrestling and Abe Jacobs vs. El Gaucho and Leon Baxter; and Les Wolff vs. Billy Spears. The first bout is scheduled for 8:30 pm.

This preview article for the Friday night matches on Nov. 1, 1968 comes from the Petersburg,VA Progress-Index. The knee injury of Lars Anderson on TV is mentioned.

Gene and Lars Anderson had wrestled Johnny Weaver and George Becker at Raleigh TV taping in Oct. 1968. It was a 2 out of 3 falls match. After the two teams had split the first two falls,Lars Anderson climbed to the top rope during the third fall for a kneedrop on Johnny Weaver. Johnny rolled out of the way. Lars injured his knee.
When the show resumed after the commercial break,Gene and Lars had gone to the dressing room. The referee called for the bell and began the twenty count. (This was changed to a 10 count in Aug. 1973.)

When Gene and Lars did not return to the ring the third fall and the match was awarded to Johnny Weaver and George Becker.

I saw the match on All Star Wrestling hosted by Bob Caudle. The show aired on WSLS channel 10 Roanoke,Virginia on Saturday afternoon's at 12:30 p.m. in 1968.

- Carroll Hall