Monday, September 3, 2007

Johnny Weaver's Charlotte Debut

Charlotte Observer
February 5, 1962

HANS SCHMIDT, a brutal 240-pound German, will headline tonight's PARK CENTER wrestling card. SCHMIDT, noted as one of the roughest wrestlers now on the American circuit, will go against LENNY MONTANA. **

The bout, which will be a real test for the popular MONTANA, has been set for two of three falls, one hour time limit.

The rest of the card is dotted with new faces. The semi-final brings in newcomer BILL DROMO, a youngster with a big reputation, to meet rugged SWEDE HANSON. DROMO is from Detroit and specializes in the scientific approach to wrestling, unlike Mr. HANSON.

Another prelim unveils two newcomers to Charlotte, JOHNNY WEAVER,from Indianapolis, and EDDIE AUGER.

The 8:15 p.m. opener brings in still another new face, SIR ALLAN GARFIELD, who will team with TINKER TODD to meet STEVE BOLUS and KEN COOPER.

** MONTANA would later appear as Luca Brasi in the 1972 film THE GODFATHER. Remember the scene in which his hand is pinned to the bar with a knife and he is strangled with a wire.

Research by Mike Cline