Monday, September 3, 2007

Jack Brisco on Johnny Weaver

Question for Jack Brisco:
I would like your take on Johnny Weaver as a wrestler and why he never went outside the Mid-Atlantic. One memory, watching Johnny go down to Florida to challenge you for the World title but he was under a hood as a "Mr Wrestling" and the "storyline" was he had come down to take you on in disguise because you were "ducking" him in the M-A.

Jack’s response:
I wrestled Johnny several times in the Carolinas. We sold out every time we wrestled. I have a very high opinion of Johnny. He is a good friend of mine. He made good money in the Carolinas and was always on top. He had no desire to leave there. He would have been a headliner anywhere he wrestled. - Jack Brisco

edited from the Jack Brisco Forum on the Wrestling Classics Board