Friday, September 14, 2007

Classic Rivalry

By Carroll Hall

Johnny Weaver and George Becker wrestled Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson in the main event at the Greensboro Coliseum on Thanksgiving night Nov.26,1964. Their match there on Jan. 28,1965 (as featured on Wayne Brower's old poster) had more to do with what we were seeing or maybe I should say hearing in TV interviews with Charlie Harville. George Becker and Rip Hawk had been at each others throats for three years. They had wrestled each other in a singles match on the TV show which Rip won when he used the neckbreaker and maintained the hold into a bridge. When the referee started his count, Rip placed his feet on the bottom turnbuckle thus scoring the pin on George Becker.

George Becker and Doug Gilbert had a program with Hawk and Hanson in the fall of 1964 while Johnny Weaver and Haystack Calhoun were winding down their program with the Bolos.

George Becker and Doug Gilbert got into a scuffle with Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson on the High Point show during this time. Becker and Gilbert had their coats and ties on when they came out. In one of Wayne Brower's channel 8 photos where Rip Hawk looks very angry, I am almost positive that is George Beckers' coat we see in the photo after this altercation. Becker and Gilbert's shirts were ripped to shreds but they got the best of Rip and Swede.

When Johnny Weaver teamed up with George Becker as his permanent partner, the feud with Hawk and Hanson continued and just got better. They would wrestle each other hundreds of times over the next seven years.

- Carroll Hall, Mount Airy NC

Poster from the collection of Wayne Brower. Photo of poster by Steve Hall. One of the highlights of our weekend at Fanfest in Charlotte was when Wayne brought out all his old wrestling posters! -D. Bourne