Thursday, October 4, 2007

Southern Title Chase

by Carroll Hall

In May 1965, Johnny Weaver made a trip to Tampa for for a special challenge match on Championship Wrestling from Florida hosted by Gordon Solie. The show aired on May 29, 1965 there in Tampa.
Johnny faced Big Bob Orton in this special TV match. Johnny Weaver used his rolling cradle on Orton. At that point Bill Dromo jumped up on the ring apron just as Orton pushed Johnny off at the count of two. Johnny collided with Bill Dromo, then Bob Orton covered Johnny Weaver for the win.

The Florida TV was already airing in a couple of TV markets in NC but for the benefit of fans who did not receive that show, the entire match was shown on the Crockett TV shows.

After Bob Orton regained The Southern Heavyweight belt during a June tournament in Florida, he immediately brought the title to Jim Crockett Promotions where he would defend it over the next six months. Not long after arriving here Johnny Weaver challenged Big Bob Orton to match on WBTV Charlotte, NC. Johnny Weaver pinned Orton in the one fall non-title match.

Weaver and Orton would have many matches throughout the territory. Some of the matches ended in a draw with Orton winning one fall with the "Piledriver" and Johnny winning a fall with the "Sleeper." Big Bob Orton left the area still the champion in January, 1966.

* * * * *

August 27,1965 Richmond,Virginia
Weaver Gets Big Chance On Friday

Richmond - Young Johnny Weaver gets his big chance on Friday's State Fairgrounds pro wrestling card.

The popular youngster will take on Southern Heavyweight Champion Bob Orton at two-out-of three-falls with a one hour time limit.

In the semifinal, Brute Bernard and Skull Murphy go against Omar Atlas and Gory Guerrero.

Diamond Lil meets Darling Dagmar in an all girls midget match, while in the opener it will be George and Sandy Scott,former tag team champions,against The Viking and Pedro Zapata.

Action starts at 8:30 p.m.