Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Victory Ride

by Don Holbrook

I have vivid memories of George Becker and Johnny Weaver from here in Greenville. I began following wrestling in 1962, at 8 years old, when my dad took me and my best friend to the matches in Greenville. The feuds Becker and Weaver had in Greenville over the years, especially with Hawk and Hansen, remain in my mind until this day.

I can recall a deal once where the NWA President, Sam Muchnick, came to Greenville to sit at ringside and monitor the match and to award the tag title belts to the winner of a match between these two teams. They had a standing room only crowd and they turned hundreds of people away that night. George and Johnny won and the crowd actually carried them out on their shoulders. It was amazing. I will never forget that. Talk about living legends and household names, these two guys were all that and more around here in those days.

- Don Holbrook, Greenville SC

Photograph by Gene Gordon © Ditchcat Photogrpahy. Used with permission.
Photo from the collection of Carroll Hall,