Saturday, December 8, 2007

Weaver Injured in Dobson NC Match

by Carroll Hall (

The Dobson, NC Lions Club sponsored their second Wrestling card on Thursday April 3, 1969. It was even better than the first. This time Johnny Weaver and George Becker defended their Southern Tag Team Championship against the current Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champions, Rip Hawk and Swede Hanson. After Johnny and George defeated Rip and Swede in the two-out-of-three fall match, the angry Hawk and Hanson attacked Weaver and Becker after the match. Rip and Swede picked Johnny Weaver up and threw him like a missile towards the ring corner. Johnny's head and shoulder struck the post between the top and second rope knocking Johnny out. We stayed and watched them remove the ropes from the ring and later Johnny was carried back to the dressing room

It was a good thing that members of the Surry County Sheriff's Department were able to hustle Rip and Swede to the dressing room because that is one of the hottest crowds I was ever a part of.

The following week on TV we saw that Johnny Weaver was okay but his shoulder and upper arm were taped up. Johnny and George got to pay Rip and Swede back four weeks later on May 1, 1969 when they won the Atlantic Coast Tag Team belts from Rip and Swede in Winston-Salem, NC.

I would not have missed that match for anything.

Also something else I forgot to mention was the small country store about two miles from my house was an "advance ticket outlet" for the shows and had the large posters in the window promoting each show. The store was called "Crooked Oak Grocery". The store still stands today but sadly is now closed. I asked the owner at that time if I could have the posters when the show was over and he told me that the person who brought them said they would be coming back to get them.The store owner then said if no one came back to pick them up I could have them. I did not get either of those posters but did get one for Sept.1981.