Tuesday, April 1, 2008

My Best Friend

A Poem by Don Kernodle

Around the corner I had a best friend,
in this great country of busy men.
I didn't see him very often, but knew he was near,
and that if I needed him, he'd be right here.

He was a champion, worked hard
and always strived for more.
You couldn't help but notice
the wonderful smile he wore.

He had great concern
for the needs of men,
and how he would give
'til the very end.

And now that he's in heaven
called to the Great Beyond,
my awesome memories of him
will always be fond.

But one thing I'll remember
Until the very end:
That around the corner,
I had a best friend.

Written by Don Kernodle for my Best Friend Johnny Weaver.
Presented at Johnny's Funeral, 2/20/08, Pineville, NC