Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Family Together

Pro-Wrestling Torch columnist Bruce Mitchell, who has written about wrestling for two decades, has a wonderful article about the NWA Legends Fanfest Hall of Heroes. It was recently published online, and may have been published as well in their print newsletter. I asked and was given permission to re-publish it on the Hall of Heroes pages of the Mid-Atlantic Gateway.

Bruce's piece captures well the spirit of the evening in general, and moments we cherish as they relate to the late Johnny Weaver and his daughter Wendi's acceptance for him that night in particular.

"For the professional wrestlers inducted into the Hall of Heroes, their families, and their friends, the banquet is a sometimes surprising reaffirmation that there are still fans who will always love and respect the wrestlers for the years of entertainment they provided. It's a time to re-unite with the travelling family they may have lost decades ago, a chance many thought they'd never have again."

Read the entire article on the Gateway by clicking here.