Monday, August 19, 2013

Trevor Lee wins 10th Annual Johnny Weaver Cup

Congratulations to Trevor Lee (disrespectful to the trophy though he may be) on winning the 10th Annual Johnny Weaver Cup tournament for CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling. Lee defeated Lee Valiant in the finals of the 2013 tournament.

Here is the detailed tournament report, excerpted from the Indy Insiders website.

As advertised, semifinal action in the 2013 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament kicked off the iPPV, as Trevor Lee made short work of the injured Andrew Everett. After a quick tie-up, Lee connected with Everett's injury, rolled him up and won in barely a half minute to advance to the evening's main event Weaver Cup Final.

Chet Sterling was out next to square off against Lee Valiant for the last spot in the Weaver Cup Final main event. Valiant had fire in his eyes as he was introduced and appeared to be the man fate had chosen to be the next Weaver Cup Champion. After feeling out the red-hot rookie Sterling, Valiant took him to task and finished him off in under ten minutes by pinfall to advance to the main event Final.

The last man to win the Johnny Weaver Cup and have it presented to him by Johnny Weaver himself in 2007, "Handsome" Mitch Connor made his way to the ring. Connor explained to the new fans the legacy of the Weaver Cup Tournament in the Carolinas during it's tenth anniversary on behalf of CWF Mid Atlantic and remained at the commentary table to present the Weaver Cup to the winner.

With no time limit, Trevor Lee and Lee Valiant climbed through the ropes to face off for the Championship of the 2013 Johnny Weaver Memorial Tournament. Valiant advanced to the Final through sheer willpower and determination while Lee seemed to arrive there by sheer happenstance. Young Lee played a coy game, exiting the ring and playing the ten-count game with the referee repeatedly, both frustrating Valiant and the fans alike. Valiant stayed steady, keeping his anger at Lee's tactics on the back burner and attacking his opponent as viciously as he could get away with. However, after the thirty minute mark it appeared that Lee was connecting more with his attacks than Valiant and began to maintain an advantage as both men left everything inside of the squared circle. Both men tangled on the ring apron and crashed to the concrete and the referee counted to ten and called for the bell. Everyone exploded for more time as officials and the referee discussed that there had to be a winner. The match was restarted and Valiant pulled off one more second wind, attacking with renewed vigor. Lee, however, connected with a couple of swinging kicks and found himself in the driver's seat, pinning the popular Valiant in a 45+ minute Weaver Cup Final for the record books.

(report by Randy Hedrick from the Indy Insiders website.)

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Johnny Weaver Cup Final Four info for 2013

Weaver Cup Bracketing including the 2013 Final Four
For their 10th year, CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling continues to keep the name Johnny Weaver alive for a new generation of wrestling fans with the presentation of the Final Four of the 10th Annual Johnny Weaver Cup Tournament. The Final Four will be held Saturday, August 17, at the Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium in Gibsonville, NC (just outside Greensboro, NC.)

Click on the bracket image above for a larger image.

For more information on the history of the Johnny Weaver Cup, visit the Mid-Atlantic Gateway pages devoted to the Weaver Cup.

For more information on CWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling and this year's Weaver Cup, including how you can watch the tournament live on iPPV, visit

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